FAQ: Frequenty Asked Questions

Please review this section before contacting us.

Please review the following frequently asked questions before contacting us. We have identified the most often asked questions here to better serve you and to cut down on email traffic.


What is mass text messaging?

Mass text messaging is simply bulk text messaging to multiple phone numbers. Companies use mass messaging to connect with customers for promotions and announcements.


What are 2-way text apps?

Two way text apps are one-to-one texts between our service and our clients' end customers. Since these texts are interactive, dependant on the customer's response, we consider them applications. Since the interaction is only through SMS text messaging we call them 2-way text apps.


What 2-way text apps do you offer?

Currently we offer messages, polls, surveys, coupons, event invite, and waitlist apps.


Do I pay for every text?

Our clients pay monthly for a subscription of an allotted amount to of texts that can be sent. Within that subscription a credit is deducted for each text message sent. Some messages will require more than one credit to send.


Is every message I send one text credit?

Not necessarily. Short texts messages of 160 or fewer characters will be 1 text credit. Longer messages will require more credits. The longest possible SMS message consisting of 1,500 characters would cost 10 text credits. MMS messages, any message that contains an image, will cost exactly 3 credits regardless of the length of the text accompanying the image. The average text length on Echo Texting costs 3-4 credits.


Can my customers respond to my texts?

It is to each client's discretion if they wish to receive replies to each different message they send. Clients may turn on or off replies for each new message depending on the intent of their message. Most 2-way text apps require customers to reply to messages but not all replies are routed to the client. For example, the Event app allows for customers to RSVP to an event and Echo Texting relays the RSVP status to the client. The client can also choose to receive non-keyword replies such as questions that might be sent in reply to the invite.


How will I be charged?

Clients must subscribe to a monthly subscription to access Echo Texting. The first month's payment will be taken up front. Each month's payment will be taken on the day (ie: 15th) of the month that you originally subscribed. Client choose a subscription that fits their needs. It's easy to upgrade your subscription at a pro-rated rate for the remaining month. Don't hesitate to upgrade if you need more texts.


What if I don't use all of my texts?

Unused text credits roll over to the next month. Credits do not expire and will be rolled over in their entirety.

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